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ABIDE is proud to be participating in Omaha Gives! ‐ a 24‐hour charitable challenge

organized by the Omaha Community Foundation. The online giving holiday will take place May 24 from

midnight to midnight. Mark your calendars because we will need your help! We will be joining over 700

local nonprofits to raise money together and compete for matching funds and prize money. The more

money we raise, the larger percentage of the bonus dollars we will receive. The more donors we get to

give to us, the more likely we are to win prizes.

Omaha Gives! is a one‐day event led by the Omaha Community Foundation to raise as much money as

possible for local nonprofits through online fundraising. It is a community‐wide event to show off

Omaha’s spirit of giving, raise awareness about local nonprofits, and celebrate the collective effort it

takes to make this city great. Learn more at

How can you help ABIDE during Omaha Gives!?

  • Schedule a gift! For your convenience, you can schedule gifts between May 1 – May 23. We encourage your to donate early if you cannot participate on May 24.
  • Create a personal cheer page. This page provides a way for you to raise money on behalf of ABIDE on This feature allows you to create a custom web page with pictures, video, and a personal appeal from you. Once the page is set up, you can share it with your friends and family by posting on social media, sending emails with a link to your personal page on, and asking them to help you reach you goal by making a donation.
  • Donate to us on May 24th!
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends that you will be giving to ABIDE during Omaha Gives! on May 24 and that you need their help.
  • Post about Omaha Gives! on your social media pages. Let your friends and followers know how they can give and how their donations can help us win matching and prize funds.
  • Cheer us on! On May 24, watch the leaderboard on and update our progress on social media.
  • Save the date. May 24, 2017 will be a great day of generosity in Omaha. Get excited and ready to share your enthusiasm for ABIDE throughout the day.
  • Thank you for your support! Thank you for your ongoing support of ABIDE. We can’t wait to see the Omaha community band together to give.


The Omaha Community Foundation connects people who care about our community with the people

and nonprofits who are doing the most good here. The Foundation simplifies giving and provides tools

for donors to do more with their gifts. They support nonprofits through grant programs, a Nonprofit

Capacity Building program, and Omaha Gives!

More than 1,400 individuals, families, and organizations rely on the Omaha Community Foundation to

help facilitate their charitable giving. Since the Omaha Community Foundation’s inception in 1982, those

donors have given more than $1.1 billion to more than 1,800 charitable organizations. The Omaha

Community Foundation helps donors manage their charitable giving, whether the donor gives $1,000 a

year or $1,000,000 a year.

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