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An amazing thing happens when you give your life away. Not only do you impact the people you serve, the people you serve impact you. Abide has benefitted from many amazing leaders who are transforming north Omaha one life at a time.

Tim Olson started the Abide Better Together Kids Golf Program two years ago. He has mentored young people, and those same individuals have left a lasting impression on him and his staff.

The Olson Group participates regularly in various Abide activities, including spring clean-up and service days. In addition, four staff members serve as mentors for the golf program.

“I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to give opportunity to others you had that they don’t have. It’s just so warming to see the glow in the kids’ eyes, and for them to realize they can succeed and be a success in life,” Olson said. Olson loves to instill the values that golf teaches. Helping young people apply the values into their lives is priceless. He and his son play golf with Julianna, Elijah and Juriah—twice a month and hang out with them on the off weeks.

“We teach the kids that when you play golf, you leave the course, the sand, and the green the exact same way you found it or better. And so, they get very cognizant of walking in the line of someone’s shot or how to replace their divot or how to rake the sand trap.

The integrity of the game really transcends to integrity in the community.”

Because of partners like the Olson Group, Abide is seeing real life change in the lives of young people. Together we are building a new inner city.

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