Our mission:

Revitalizing the inner city,
one neighborhood at a time.

Abide provides a holistic approach that focuses on developing healthy neighborhoods by focusing on the neighbor and the neighborhood.  


Our Approach

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Relationships are at the heart of our mission. Every neighbor has a unique story, set of gifts, and personal needs. Our neighbors are people, not projects who are part of the solution to the challenges in our community.



Strong communities grow together. We work to make neighborhoods cleaner, safer, and more
connected so neighbors can thrive.

Our Culture

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Safer Neighborhoods

Stability brings safety. We connect and stabilize neighborhoods, making our community safer.

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Stronger Families

Success starts at home. We inspire hope and bring healing by equipping children, youth, and families.

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Emerging Leaders

Everyone has influence. Setting the cultural tones for upcoming generations creates radical, lasting change in the community. We are investing in emerging leaders to see our community transformed from the inside out.